Solar Submersible Well Pumps

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Thank you for your consideration of our product.  We at Advanced Power Inc. are very excited to offer one of the finest solar powered pump manufactured today!  To our knowledge we offer the only brushless motor in a solar pump of this style, and price range, this means a longer life for your pump than brush style motors, and less hassle and maintenance cost for you in the long run.

The people of API been manufacturing and selling solar pumps for over twenty five years now and they have always focused on listening to the wants and needs of our customers, and working hard to resolve any issues that have developed along the way.  That is why they have worked countless hours and spent numerous dollars researching and developing these brushless motor pumps to replace the old brush style motors that would wear out prematurely at times. The aluminum housings deal with heat on a whole new level and will also increase the life of the pumps tremendously. Our commitment to improve the solar water pumping industry is never ending. We pride ourselves in, and are known for developing and manufacturing some of the best state of the art products in our industry and for having excellent customer service.

We sell kits that make it easy for you to size what you need to do the job your exact situation requires. A few quick tips to remember when sizing our systems to your needs:

  • The SR4 and RP4 quad (Q) pump (4 pistons) require a 5 inch or larger casing and flow considerably more water than the SR2 and RP2 dual pumps. Almost double the flow with two or three panels. Any pump with a 4 in the model number is a Quad.

  • SR2 and RP2 Dual (D) pumps (2 pistons) require a 4 inch or larger casing, offer lower flow but are less expensive. This pump is perfect for small pastures with low grazing capabilities or anywhere less water is needed or if a large enough casing for the Q pump is not available. Any pump with a 2 in the model number is a Dual.

We sell many standard systems with Advanced Power pumps: Single 85 watt panel with D or Q pump and Double 85 watt (2 panel system) with D or Q pump. And triple panel kits with three 85 watt panels for a total of 255 watts. If any one of these systems does not meet your flow requirements we can put 2 or more systems in the same well if the well casing size allows. This can often times be done cheaper than buying one of the competition.

Our maximum lift with the 200 ft. to the water. It's important to note the pump can be set deeper than 200 feet, the water level must be at and remain at 200 or less feet from the top of the ground.

Lift begins at the water level, not the bottom of the well. So if you have a 200 ft. well but water at 150 ft. you are only lifting 150 ft. no matter where you set your pump below the 150 ft. mark. (this is referred to in the industry as static head pressure)

The deeper to water in your well, the more low light situations affect the flow rate, this is one place the two panel and three panel systems are effective, they are also beneficial if you need more water in a shallow well. The multi-panel systems run the motor at a higher rate of speed and more hours per day than a single panel for increased pumping volume and total gallons per day.

Our motors are a variable speed 12-40 volt which means they can be run on batteries should low light conditions put the pump behind on its pumping duties. (requires a minimum of 2 -12 volt batteries) You can also use our PODS box (Pump On Demand System) to run the solar pump from any 110 ac power source such as a generator.

We do not have batteries in our standard systems due to maintenance issues, but when needed they can be used.  Batteries are merely a form of storage as are water tanks so we feel we should sell you a system big enough to pump the required amount of water in a days time, and get you to use a large enough storage tank to hold a couple of days worth of storage. If we do this the animals can get to the storage (water in the tank) instead of it being in a battery.  However, if you require a battery system due to a weak well or some other situation we can help you with that scenario also.

It does not hurt these pumps to run dry temporarily like it does a regular AC electric pump so if you have a weak well an Advanced Power Inc. solar system is the system for you.

API solar powered pumps create 85 pounds of pressure so you can run a pipeline or a pressure system. This also makes them great for remote cabins or homes.

These systems are great for rented pastures because they are easy to take with you when your lease is up. Try doing that with a windmill. They are also tremendously helpful if you rotate your cattle and have wells in other pastures because you can move them easily from well to well in a short amount of time.

Advanced Power pumps work great from ponds, rivers or creeks. (special freezing weather requirements must be met)

The most commonly asked question about our product is how long does it last?  The solar panels have a 20 year warranty with a 30 to 40 year life expectancy. Our old brush style pumps “averaged” about three to four years before maintenance was required.   With the new brushless motors and aluminum housings we have added to our pumps, we are hoping to increase the life expectancy considerably. Advanced Power pumps are

We estimate replacement cost to recondition a pump to run between $395.00-$450.00 depending on pump style of dual or quad and what needs replacing. The Quads are slightly more expensive to manufacture therefore they cost more to recondition.

Water quality plays a key part in the longevity of the pump's life, a well that produces a lot of sand may require the optional nylon pre-filter that we offer to help screen harmful debris from the pump. These socks are very inexpensive and a great source of insurance against excessive wear and tear on the internal parts of the pumps due to sand and trash in the well. Also the use of the tank water level sensor (ALC) to shut the pump off when the tank is full adds pump life. They can increase pump longevity tremendously.  A proper installation is also a key to increased pump life so please consult your installation manual for complete instructions.

A weep hole in the drop pipe is a must and the pipe going to the tank must drain during freezing weather! The consumer must remove any low hanging places in the delivery pipe that could freeze full of water.

We hang our pumps on ½ inch pipe usually black roll poly pipe for easy one man installation. 3/4 inch pipe is acceptable also.

Our systems come with the solar modules, aluminum mounting hardware for the modules, a wiring harness and the pump with 100ft. of wire standard. (additional wire available on request)

The ALC (advanced level control) may be purchased additionally if desired. The ALC is a tank level controller shutting the pump off when the tank is full and turning it on when the water level drops. 

We are a family owned and operated business. We care deeply about your satisfaction, we are farm and ranch raised people in our company, and we know the importance of every dollar it takes to make your operation successful.  We want to treat you the way we would want to be treated and you and your business will always be appreciated.